Works in Progress Series


ACME's Work-In-Progress Series is a sneak peek for audience members into the creative process of emerging and established Directors who will present their latest work for our discussion and feedback.




MARCH 14, 7 pm


 Are there subjects that are simply off limits for comedy? If there were such a subject, wouldn't the Holocaust be one?  Join Director Ferne Pearlstein and take a look at the rough cut of her work-in-progress documentary, THE LAST LAUGH, a feature documentary that explores the limits of humor and the holocaust.  Time will be reserved for discussion and audience feedback on the film.  

Not Rated; Approximately 90 Minutes


Director, Ferne Pearlstein:

In 2004 Pearlstein won the Best Cinematography prize for documentary at the Sundance Film Festival for her work on IMELDA a feature documentary about Imelda Marcos for which she lived and traveled with the former First Lady of the Philippines during her campaign for the presidency. Her most recent work as a director - the feature documentary SUMO EAST AND WEST, which she also produced, photographed and edited - premiered at the 2003 Tribeca Film Festival, Los Angeles Film Festival and the Melbourne International Film Festival and was shown nationwide on PBS's Independent Lens series.  Pearlstein edited the narrative feature LAND OF THE BLIND starring Ralph Fiennes and Donald Sutherland, which premiered at the Rotterdam Film Festival in January 2006, as well as serving as second unit director of photography and associate producer on the film.  She is also one of only a handful of female cinematographers featured in Kodak's long-running "On Film" advertising campaign, in the pages of American Cinematographer magazine.